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Blue DeTiger, Halima, PETRA and Tanners–who together comprise the all-femme lineup of WTR’s spooky showcase–share their favorite spots for dancing, skating, superhero supplies and more


Blu DeTiger goes for disco, dancing and dessert at Turk’s Inn

“The Turk’s Inn is my favorite spot in Brooklyn right now. The food at the Turkish restaurant is amazing, but they also have a beautiful rooftop and a venue for live performances. I tried some new Turkish dessert which was AMAZING then headed up to the roof to check it out and everyone up there was listening intently to the artist performing up there. The actual venue, called The Sultan Room has the coolest stage and lighting setup. It’s a psychedelic, kaleidoscope looking backdrop, with a circular stage and a DJ booth in the corner. All the decor is spot on. They even have some interesting speech or dialogue of some sort playing in the bathrooms. Between the restaurant, roof, and live room, this spot is perfect for trying out a new Turkish dish, rocking out to your favorite band, chilling on the rooftop, or moving and grooving to some late-night disco.”

234 Starr St,  (718) 215-0025, turksnyc.com

Halima hits Cafe Ezurlie for kick backs with contradiction

“Erzulie is by far my favorite club. The first time I went there I thought it was a garden shop. The window was dressed with plants, so unassuming. I love it because it’s a perfect contradiction. It feels like a kick back with friends but turnt AF. And twerking, of course. Like, what’s better than that?”

894 Broadway, (718) 450-3255, cafeerzulie.com

PETRA suits up at Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

“Since Spooky Season has officially commenced and the demand for fighting of ghosts, goblins and terrible presidents are at an all-time high, I’d 100% recommend going to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. This place is so odd, and quirky, and providing humankind with everything necessary to save the day. You also JUST might find the perfect Halloween costume there.”

372 5th Ave, (718) 499-9884, superherosupplies.com

Tanners‘ top three feature wheels (Brooklyn Skates), techno (Sugar Hill) and tacos (Los Hermanos)

“If you’re looking to show off your skating skills or just fall on your ass on a lacquered wood floor, Brooklyn Skates in Bed-Stuy is the way to go. The school gymnasium turned roller rink hosts skate nights every Wednesday and Friday. It’s super inexpensive and you can either take some laps around the rink or watch the pros from the sidelines perform some of the most stunning OG roller disco moves. It’s just good, clean fun.”

110 Kosciusko St, (347) 276-3563, facebook.com/bklynskates

“If dancing sans-skates is more your speed, I URGE you to bop right down the street to Sugar Hill Supper Club. I went out dancing for a friend’s birthday party there last winter and it was quite possibly one of the best nights I’ve had in years. Head downstairs and you walk into techno disco heaven. There’s a huge space with tables and chairs, a massive dance floor with lights galore, a small (yet extremely steamy) bar in the back, and a little outside patio where you can go cool down. You might be hungover the next day, but I promise it’s worth it.”

217 Nostrand Ave, (718) 797-1727, sugarhillsupperclub.com

“If you need to cure that hangover, my hands down favorite spot for life-support food is [Tortilleria Mexicana] Los Hermanos in Bushwick, right by Maria Hernandez park. It’s a tortilla factory and a BYOB sit-down spot for some seriously delish Mexican food. My order is two (three if I’m famished) chicken tacos with extra salsa verde.”

271 Starr St, (718) 456-3422


Catch Blu DeTiger, Halima, PETRA and Tanners at the Women That Rock Halloween Showcase — Friday 10/25 at Knitting Factory! We’ll be there, so come say hi, grab a sticker and throw us your own recs for Brooklyn bands, bars, burritos(?!) and whatever else should be on our radar. Grab your tickets here.

[These quotes, submitted via email, have been slightly edited for style and clarity.]

Feature image: poster provided by Women That Rock; shitty attempt at graphic design that was really just screen-shotting the image over a black background to try and make it horizontal… obviously done by us (sorry!).

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