Tune in and turn it up — we’ve got 26(ish) more songs for your streaming pleasure


Our latest and greatest —

Actually, hmm… let’s rephrase that, because we’re of the opinion that all the artists we’ve featured are pretty excellent.

Our latest and, um, exactly-as-great-as-the-others playlist (that flows, right?) is officially up and ready for your streaming pleasure! This edition, like the previous two, features some new music, some old; songs by artists we’ve featured and quite a few tracks from artists we just really enjoy.

Check out the playlist above or on Spotify here. And remember: this, like literally everything, is a work in progress, so if you’ve got a song we should add to this playlist (or future ones) be sure to let us know!

Now go forth and listen! And, most importantly, have a great weekend.

(Note: These songs aren’t exactly put together in a logical order so ebb and flow at your own risk.)

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