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Creative powerhouse Tom Freeman of the musical project Covey shares his favorite Bushwick(-ish) destinations for group hangs, deli convo and cemetery strolls


*Note: A couple of these picks are *technically* right on / right over the Ridgewood border, but for the sake of this piece — and because we only found out when googling the addresses like five minutes ago — we’re going to round up (down?) to Bushwick. Thank you for understanding and, we assume, not caring at all.

Most Holy Trinity Cemetery (and surrounding cemeteries)

When I’m driving back from tour or from another state back to Bushwick, I know I’m nearly home when I see rows upon rows of graves. You would think it’s a daunting feeling, but you know that feeling when you’re pulling into your driveway at your home? I get that feeling whenever I see the graveyards — it’s a strange feeling, but it’s funny.

I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts, but I like the concept of ghosts. I like dark things, and I like to go to the graveyard and hang around. I don’t go, like, every day, of course — that’d be kind of weird. I usually go if someone wants to walk around and it’s a nice night or we have something to talk about — maybe something depressing. You know when you’re not ready to stop talking yet? It’s a great place to aimlessly walk around.

It’s quiet. That’s what gets me. You walk in there, and you don’t hear any of the roads.

I never expected to like it so much. [laughs]

685 Central Ave

Queens Brewery

This place is very well located. I don’t even drink that much beer to be honest. Well…

[lifts $7 liter of beer]

Every time I come here, I feel like I’m not here to have one drink.

What I like about this place is the sheer openness — there’s space for everybody. We have a pretty big friends group, so when we come out, we’re like, “Hey, we’re just at Queens.”

Everybody’s just nice here. People are friendly, and I know they want that Cheers aspect.

1539 Covert St,

Wyckoff Deli

I was talking to somebody about delis and how everybody’s intensely loyal to the first deli they went to and got food that they enjoyed from. Everybody seems to think that theirs is the best, and honestly… it’s all the same.

If I’m getting food, it’s Wyckoff Deli, so I’m pretty loyal to that one. [My] bassist moved in down the street, and he went to his deli on his corner and swears his is the best, so we have this turf war.

I think it comes down to [that] I know Siv. Every time I’m out and on my way home, I’ll go there and get food, and he’s really nice and a good guy. We talk every time, and I catch up with him. That’s nice. Being welcomed in a deli is a way for a deli to stand out. If I walk into a deli and they’re assholes, I’m never coming back.

1034 Wyckoff Ave, (718) 386-4043,

Father Knows Best

We’ve been going out less. [With] the new record — I don’t have time to go out all the time, and if I do, I’m not looking for my next day to be swamped with a hangover. I’m in work mode more than I’m in go-out mode, which is why we’ve been going to Father Knows more, because it’s just so close and you can go there and just have a drink. They have really good food, it’s easy. It’s been nice going there.

611A Wilson Ave,  (718) 975-6840,


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Feature image: Ben Curry

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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