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The singer-songwriter shares her top three spots for Turkish food, flea markets and 4 am jam sessions



I had come to Williamsburg with my partner at the time and we walked past and were like, what is this place?! There are just so many healthy options here, and there’s something about this grungy vibe that I really like — random stuff everywhere… it’s just really quaint and cute to me. It felt nice to not be in another generic place.

347 Bedford Ave, (347) 844-9157, abracadabrabrooklyn.com

The Bluegrass Jam at Sunny’s

It’s in Red Hook, so it’s right by the water. It’s so nice.

I don’t go there as often as I want, because it’s really a late night. It goes until like four in the morning, and I’ve never been able to hang that late. But the few times I’ve gone, it makes me feel like I’m completely out of the city in this foreign paradise. It’s all these people that don’t seem like New Yorkers… in that they seem really authentic — they’re just wearing whatever the fuck they want. You know, the typical New York style is all black — which I’m wearing — but you walk in and you’re just like, who are these people? There was this one night I went and there was heat lightning across the water and there’s just this bluegrass music in the background, all these old dudes are playing mandolin and banjo… It was so cute.

253 Conover St, (718) 625-8211, sunnysredhook.com

Brooklyn Flea DUMBO

I really have a thing for flea markets. It’s the same thing as the farmers market — these random people coming together and selling their wares… it’s very old-fashioned to me. I guess there’s a theme here that I don’t really like things that are the norm, mainstream or commercialized.

I like to find really unique items… I love the browsing. One time I saw a fur coat there and it was only $100. I put it on, and my friends were like [makes gasping noise], but then I didn’t buy it. I still think about that fur coat.

80 Pearl St, (718) 928-6603, brooklynflea.com


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