“…yes, it’s our ‘I took acid and felt like I needed to make art about it’ song”


It’s not particularly interesting nor remotely insightful to present a premiere with an introduction that’s essentially just MAN I LOVE THIS BAND!!! However, for this one, it might be fitting, because if you’ve had at least one conversation with me over the last year and a half, there’s a good chance that at some point I brought up Two-Man Giant Squid and shouted something along the lines of… well, MAN I LOVE THIS BAND!!!

I love Two-Man Giant Squid, I love talking about Two-Man Giant Squid… and, as it would certainly appear, I love writing about how much I love talking about Two-Man Giant Squid. So, hell… I might as well, shall we say… spill some more ink. (Squid joke, sry.)

While we shouldn’t make a habit of it, occasionally enthusiasm outweighs any need for actual analysis. That said, it would prob be good practice to present you with at least some context. So! Abyssal Gigantism, the debut TMGS album (read the track-by-track here), landed in my inbox last January and, according to my Spotify Wrapped, was my most-played album of the year… a fact that wasn’t particularly surprising, given that 11 months later, I was still listening pretty much constantly. And since that release, I’ve had the immense pleasure of watching what was the solo project of Mitch Vinokur evolve into a full-blown band—and then blast off, hitting what feels like every stage in NYC (from OWL to Mercury to random rooftops in Brooklyn) and continuously getting better and better and better.

Last October, the band released “Versechorus”, “Progress” followed this June and now, a day ahead of its official release—and one month before the drop of the second TMGS LP Intro to Basement—I’m stoked to produce the band’s newest single off the forthcoming album.

From Two-Man Giant Squid, this is “Cold Fingers”!

So let it hit / And just bathe in it / You can let it hit now /And we’ll bathe, in it

Now! Less from me, more from Mitch.

“‘Cold Fingers’ has been a live-set favorite of the fanbase and was finally recorded in early 2023,” said the artist of the track. “The beginning disguises itself as a laid back indie-rock tune before barreling towards a massive emotional chorus and outro (3:05). The song is about not being afraid to try new things and holding onto the good stuff before it’s too late, and yes, it’s our ‘I took acid and felt like I needed to make art about it’ song. We see it as a very summery indie rock song while still being really emotional and raw. And it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play live.”

As for when you can hear it played live, Intro to Basement comes out on August 18th, and the band will be celebrating with a release show on August 31st at Baby’s All Right with Namesake! (Grab your tickets here.)

I can (obviously) promise you one thing: MAN YOU WILL LOVE THIS BAND!!!



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Feature image (provided by the band): Michelle LoBianco

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