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Going to keep this short and sweet here: THE BANDS DO BK BOOK IS OFFICIALLY AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW!

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This book contains material from artist interviews done in person, on the radio and via Zoom over the last—wow—four years, plus written submissions from individuals and entire bands. Hundreds of people contributed, 150+ places are listed and there is an unlimited amount of passion poured in.

In short: This is a love letter to Brooklyn by bands, and a love letter to Brooklyn bands by me.

Huge thanks to my publisher Lit Riot Press, and thank you, thank you, thank you to every musician who contributed their time, opinions, ideas and stories to make this possible. I love and appreciate you all more than you know, and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

<3 Sam


Somewhere in Brooklyn, and all over Brooklyn, your favorite, and soon-to-be favorite, bands are… Writing. Rehearsing. Recording. Performing. Scouring thrift stores. Stuffing down pizza. Drinking and dancing. Lounging and living. But where is this happening? Where are the local musicians whose music, styles, and tastes we admire working, playing, and hanging out in Brooklyn? What spots do bands on tour stop by when they’re only in town for the night? What do their versions of Brooklyn look like?

In Bands do BK, Sam Sumpter explores Brooklyn from the unique perspective of the bands who live it and love it. Equal parts oral history, guidebook, and music-fan memoir, Sumpter shares behind-the-scenes stories, sound bites, and recommendations on places to visit from hundreds of featured interviewed bands—a hot slice of New York City indie chronicling the people and places that define it.

Based on Sumpter’s popular music blog, Bands do BK supports local Brooklyn musicians while sharing new ways to explore and enjoy the borough. In Bands do BK, you’ll discover stories you don’t read on an about page or social-media bio, details and recommendations that aren’t incorporated into reviews, and the defining characteristics that definitely don’t factor into typical guidebook ratings.Meet your new favorite band, discover your next go-to bar, expand your personal playlist, and experience the weird, wonderful, and unbeatable beauty of Brooklyn’s influential music scene for yourself.


“An honest and quirky snapshot of musicians’ lives from the past decade who are really, really doing Brooklyn… If you’re thinking of coming to NYC to pursue music or just be a part of it. Bands do Bk will push you over the edge with DIY inspiration to make this borough your own. Start a band! Start a venue! Eat some pizza! You’ll find your tribe and create community here.” —TARRA THIESSEN, MUSICIAN (GUSTAF, SHARKMUFFIN)

“ With wit, charm, and unbridled enthusiasm, Sam Sumpter has captured the next great time capsule of oral history detailing the modern NYC musical landscape. This time in a way it has yet to be viewed before – with fervent eyes and ears soaking up the sounds of the city’s most creatively celebrated borough, Brooklyn. Her words illustrate portraits of the musicians, romantics, and preachers injecting their passions into dimly lit venues and dive bars within the endless web of nightlife. These stories are documented with such poise and precision that every reader becomes a Brooklynite.” —RICH WEISS, FOUNDER (BLOODLESS MANAGEMENT), SR. TALENT BUYER (ARLENE’S GROCERY)

“An insiders guide to the who’s who and what’s what of the best parts of Brooklyn that you won’t find anywhere else.” —SOPHIE EVERHARD, HEAD OF CONCERTS AT SOFAR SOUNDS

“Bands do BK has its finger on the pulse of Brooklyn’s burgeoning music scene, and this book is a must-have for anyone looking to understand what it’s like to be a part of it.”—MATTIE SAFER, MUSICIAN (SAFER, POOLSIDE, THE RAPTURE), CO-FOUNDER (CELL VISION) 

“Filled to the brim with passion, curiosity, and intention, this book is a fantastic snapshot of the people and places that make and support music and make Brooklyn as special as it is.”—NICK LAFALCE, MUSICIAN (ATLAS ENGINE, EDNA), CO-FOUNDER (FAVORITE FRIEND RECORDS)


Bands do BK: A Guide to Brooklyn, by Bands, for Everyone

348 Pages | 6 x 9 | 1.25 lb

ISBN: 978-1-7351458-7-7 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-7351458-8-4 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-1-7351458-9-1 (ebook)

Advance review print copies are available for press. Contact Lit Riot Press to request your copy. Ebook advance review copies are available for press by request on Edelweiss

Find the electronic press kit here, find more information and photos on the Lit Riot Press page, and for updates, be sure to follow @bandsdobk (obviously) and @litriotpress.


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