The new single from Brooklyn’s two-man funk factory is the bee’s knees


Gather round and let me tell you what the buzz is about—

Primarily: Activity Partners. And I’m not talking about the kind you meet on Bumble.

While a colony is comprised of tens of thousands of bees, it only takes two fly guys to manufacture the sweetest of beats from their basement in Bed-Stuy, and today I’m super pumped to pollinate your ear drums with the duo’s new single, a funky form of sonic gold dust that’s had me movin’ and groovin’ and stingin’—er, singin’—along since arriving in my inbox earlier this week.

From Activity Partners, this is “Honey.”

She brings that honey from down under, tastes so good I just can’t help but get sticky // That royal jelly serves to tell me she’s the kind of girl you make your queen bee

“Honey”—the latest addition to Cell Vision‘s Singles Club—follows Activity Partners’ 2021 EP on the floor, and ahead of its release, Darren O’Brien (half the hive, along with Jeff Knutsen) sent me the following insights on the band’s new track:

“For drizzle.”

And there you have it. Celebrate the single release and catch Activity Partners’ LIVE DEBUT at a show presented by Bands do BK and featuring performances from Real Clothes and Rafting THIS SUNDAY at Our Wicked Lady! Tickets available here

Bee there or bee square. (I am so sorry.)


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Feature image (provided by the band): Jenny Wong

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