WHO: Archer Violet

SEEKING: Producer

ABOUT THE PROJECT: “Archer Violet consists of Gaby A, Gaby B, J.J. Alleyne, and Andrew Ramos.

Drawing influence from The Strokes, The Voidz, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Paramore, and My Chemical Romance, Archer Violet pushes the boundaries of contemporary alternative with jabbing, incendiary riffs and contemplative, gentle ballads which nod to old-school punk, jazz, and latin stylings. With all four members hailing from incredibly diverse cultural and musical backgrounds, Archer Violet as an outfit has evolved into a high octane tour-de-force both in the studio and on stage.

Off stage, Archer Violet continues to pump out unhinged, visceral tracks that refuse to be constricted by an image or construct, or to conform to any status-quo. Now signed by Mifflin Street Music, Archer Violet aims to lend a helping hand in bringing heart-thumping rock music back into the spotlight, one chaotic power ballad at a time.”

DETAILS: “We are looking for a producer to elevate our sound (for written and in-progress works). Must be familiar with genres such as power pop, indie dance punk, post-punk revival, and indie/alt.”

LISTEN: https://linktr.ee/archerviolet

CONTACT: “Email archervioletband@gmail.com with name, portfolio/projects you’ve worked on, and any other information you’d like for us to know. Bonus points if we share the same influences! 🥰”


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