The track serves as an invitation to new listeners and an introduction to the Venezuela-born, NYC-based trio’s experimental rock sound


Using the one-two internet punch that is Google Translate and, “El Preambulo” translates to preamble, or “a preliminary or preparatory statement,” and that’s exactly what the song serves as for Joudy—on not just one but two counts.

“El Preambulo” first dropped as the opening track on the rock trio’s 2016 record Obertura and then again—this time on the local level—when it was recorded as part of a live session filmed at Gold Sounds and re-released as a single in 2020 to introduce the Venezuelan band to a new audience following their move to a new city.

“After relocating to New York and reforming the band in 2019, we performed a live session with this song as our introduction,” the band told me over email, “an invitation to all the new listeners and a prologue to the sound that we wanted to start sharing in our new world.”

The six-and-a-half-minute song also, on the truly timely front, serves as a taste of what you can expect from Joudy (pronounced howdy), when they hit the stage at The Nest for our show with Mary Shelley, Punchlove and LEONE TOMORROW NIGHT!

I first caught the band at Union Pool last month, and while the show was sponsored by Hornitos Tequila, and thus everything is a littttlllllle fuzzy, I do definitely remember one thing: They totally ripped. Go on and. get acquainted with Joudy’s killer vibe via the video below

I’ll meet you tomorrow for the main event.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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