The new single from the Brooklyn trio tackles the theme of fear while serving up some seriously good vibes


Let’s talk fear. Of the adrenaline-spiking situations we face in life, there are many different kinds.

You’ve got the classic phobias: Heights. Clowns. Spiders.

Don’t forget social worries: Public speaking. A “we need to talk” text. Running into an ex at Trader Joe’s or accidentally liking their ex’s photo from 176 weeks ago.

Of course, you’ve got only-in-New-York horrors: Bed bugs. Being shoved onto the train tracks. An AC unit falling out a fourth-floor window and crushing you while you’re in line at Nuts 4 Nuts.

And then there are the but-what-if anxieties that make no sense at all. Quicksand. Crocodiles. The evil ventriloquist dummy that comes to life in that one Goosebumps book. (Definitely not speaking for myself here…)

There’s often not much we can do to erase their existence. If logic worked, we’d be cured, but unfortunately it’s not as simple as telling yourself, “Everything is going to be okay.” However, on the plus side, like all experiences and emotions, what can’t be undone or eliminated with the snap of your fingers can at least be transformed by some very talented people into some damn good art.

That brings me to the new perfect single from Buzzbody. Centered around a very valid concern (BEING MURDERED), the track, one of two coming this fall from the band, explores the idea of fear while serving as a means of coping with it. And contrary to everything you might assume, the band somehow manages to serve up this universally scary idea with some undeniably good vibes.

From the Brooklyn trio, this is “Poison”—and I’m beyond stoked to premiere it here!

Ahead of the release (it’s out everywhere tomorrow!) Pat McCusker of Buzzbody sent some info on the very rad song, as well as the band’s next track, and the feelings and specific fears that inspired it:

“I realize that these titles are a bit intense. This song (‘Poison’) is a made-up story heavily rooted in fear about a murderer coming to kill me, and me ultimately accepting this fate. Our next release (‘Full of Fear’) has me plainly singing “’I’m full of fear. Have to admit it. I’m full of fear and living in it.’

I wrote these songs a long time ago. And yes, I still do have a bit of stress and anxiety. I guess that’s a part of my fabric and the world we live in. But the bigger part of me is happy to be me, and to be surrounded by friends (close and far away) that constantly inspire me and make me smile.

In any case, it’s been a very, very tough year and a half, and we are allowed to feel weird. Though these songs are about fear, singing them makes me feel less fearful. More importantly, the music makes me feel good! I hope it will make you feel good overall, too.”

“Full of Fear,” the band’s next single, comes out October 15th! Stay tuned for more tunes from Buzzbody, and in the meantime… um, maybe lock your doors. While it might not stop the hypothetical killer (or escaped crocodile) (or murderous mannequin), hey—it’ll at least slow ’em down a little bit.


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Feature image (provided by the band): Grant Vernon

Art: Brian Adam Douglas

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