WHO: Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show

SEEKING: “Paid gig: Seeking a drummer with a knack for complex and creative hard-hitting rock beats.”

DETAILS:  “Our drummer had to leave just before COVID, so we’re looking for someone to fill those massive shoes. We’re looking for someone who can play hard and fast, but also prefers to avoid stock beats in favor of more complex experimentation. Also looking to keep rehearsals to a minimum, so someone who’s ready to learn their parts at home and come into rehearsal prepared is a must.

As mentioned above, we’re a concept act, so expect some light costuming. Don’t worry, you’ll look cool and not dorky at all, I swear. And of course you will have input on the look. We do perform some theatrical stuff in between songs onstage, but it’s up to you whether you want to participate in that aspect.

We’re gearing up to release our debut album on October 15, and would like our first show back with the new drummer to be the album release show on Halloween weekend.”

ABOUT THE PROJECT: We’re a Brooklyn-based band that’s been playing in NYC for 6 years now. We call our style “pulp-punk,” which is a theatrical and complex punk sound with sci-fi/horror-themed lyrics. We’ve put out four EPs and are about to drop our debut full-length album. We’re a concept band with lore and tie-in books and all kinds of extras, but at our core we’re concerned with putting on a fun, high-energy rock show that can stand out on any bill. For playing style, think of a mix between Coheed & Cambria and Alkaline Trio, with some dramatic ballads thrown in as well. We’re a hard band to describe, so please check out the attached sampler for the best look at what our sound is.

LISTEN: Three-song sampler here: https://s.disco.ac/geqbrclksxxk

CONTACT: E-mail at daltondeschain [@] icloud.com


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