The second sexy single from the BK dream-pop project of Kevin Marksson is “built around the energy of anticipation


There is perhaps nothing more terrifying—with the exception of crocodiles, quicksand and that moment in the checkout line when your transaction lingers a little too long in the “processing” stage—than falling in love.

But unlike creepy reptiles, sucky sediment and insufficient-fund shame, it’s fear with a flip-side. One infused with optimism, hinged on hope and, like Coney Island’s craziest loop/spin/flip/flop-filled ride, accompanied by the most gnarly (in a good way) kind of nausea.

In other words, anticipation: a physical-meets-emotional state of being that’s captured in the most irresistible (and gratifyingly groovy) of ways in “Anica,” the second killer single from Endearments, which I’m thrilled to premiere here!

Endearments is the new solo project of BK songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Marksson (formerly of synth-pop duo St. Marilyn), who says of the moniker, “I wanted the name to convey affection, even though I knew the music would almost certainly be sad.”

That said, “Anica,” which follows Endearments’ May debut, “Left Side,” is more of a banger than a bummer. Not the story of a relationship in decay but an expression of romance in bloom; a rollercoaster at the top of the track—right before it enters free fall; one of the most unique and exciting feelings in the human fucking universe.

Or, according to the artist himself:

“‘Anica’ is about the moment when you realize that you love someone, and they love you back, but neither of you have said it out loud yet. It’s about affection and the way love can be conveyed first with touch and then with words. The song is meant to be a little bit sexy and hopeful and the whole vibe is built around the energy of anticipation. In fact, the entire groove of the song is literally anticipated—with chord changes happening just before the beat. I love when the musicality of a song can align with the lyrics like that!”

That said, whatever your actual ~relationship~ status—about to take the leap, currently free-falling at a hot -9.81 m/s^2 or having recently crash-landed and busy reassembling a broken heart and any lost/mangled limbs—Endearments, with “Anica,” offers something to love…

Including if you just want to dance. It’s really, really good for that too.


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