The BK band turns way from the television to debut a brand-new music video + share (/debate) their favorite spots in the borough


In rad-new-stuff news, the music video for “HEAVEN” from TVOD is out TODAY!

So before we move on, you should definitely watch that:

Sick, right?

To determine where the band will be celebrating their rad release (besides Our Wicked Lady, where they’re playing live with Darkwing TONIGHT—tix here!) we threw out some topics and had the TVOD dream team, who specialize in “high energy disco-punk songs for your heart and soul,” fill in our Brooklyn blanks with some of their favorite spaces.

Below is the conversation we really, really wish we witnessed in real life.



CADE: Our Wicked Lady.


CADE: Our Wicked Lady. 

TYLER: Cade give someone else a chance to fucken answer. 


CADE: Our Wicked— 

TYLER: Stop.

KATE: Roberta’s? 

TYLER: Lol no.

KATE: Danis!? 

NIKKI: Rosas! 

TYLER: Tony’s Pizza on Dekalb. 

SHAUN: Oooooh, Tony’s! 

NIKKI: actually I don’t like pizza. I only like cold upstate New York tomato pie. 

[Everyone gags but Nicole and Tyler]

CADE: Spumoni Gardens.


KATE: Swallow. 

SHAUN: Uhhhh

NIKKI: Variety.

CADE: No! That coffee is shit and I will go on the record saying that.

TYLER: I like Variety. Good ham and cheese croissants over there. Suck it Cade. 


TYLER: Seneca.

KATE: Morgan.

SHAUN: Jefferson.

CADE: Myrtle Wyckoff.


KATE: Oh, Foster Sundry!!! The biscuits and chorizo burrito! 

NIKKI: Mine is Tyler’s kitchen cuz he makes the best pancakes hehe

SHAUN: At risk of being a total Bushwick douche bag… Tina’s haha 

TYLER: Bushwick Douche! Bushwick Douche! 

CADE: Tina’s!!!! 

NIKKI: Tyler, what’s yours? 

TYLER: Actually yea, that ham and cheese from Variety. 

SHAUN: What! 

CADE: Boooooo!!!! For the record, Cade boos that! 

TYLER: Haha what! I love them! 


NIKKI: Elmhurst Park.

TYLER: Bryant Park.

SHAUN: Astoria Park. 

NIKKI: By the sculpture garden? 

SHAUN: ….. No just the park.

CADE: It’s an off-the-map park. North of Transmitter Park. 

KATE: Central Park cuz I grew up by there.


NIKKI: Sushi Noodle!!! It’s BYOB! My go-to. 

SHAUN: Ummmmmm Otis. It’s really good. Kinda expensive, but good. By Harrison Place on Morgan stop.

TYLER: My favorite restaurant is Lake Harris Lodge in Newcomb, New York, but they’re never open!!! 

CADE: Um, it would be Udon West. Eaten there more than anywhere else.

SHAUN: What’s Udon West?

CADE: It’s a good stop.

NIKKI: I know Kate’s favorite restaurant is Momo‘s.

KATE: Lol it is.


NIKKI: That’s easy. Cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and jalapeño jelly.

EVERYONE: Ahhhaahhhh!

KATE: Ewww!!!!! 

TYLER: You’re sick.

SHAUN: Haha yea Nikki thats so messed up… I guess mine is Pedialyte? 

CADE: I don’t have a hangover cure because I’m a professional drinker.

TYLER: So more booze? 

CADE: The cure to anything is more booze.


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Feature image (provided by the band): Michelle LoBianco

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