The second single from the artist is a love letter to NYC and a reminder that, no matter what happens, you still have the city


Leases end, careers pivot, romantic partners come and go (go go), friends have kids and move to suburbs for the space and the “shopping”…

As a young(-ish) adult, it often seems like the only constant is change, but one thing New Yorkers can rely on is this sweet-and-sour city, which—despite the continuous shuffling of people and ongoing alteration of architecture—is at least consistent in its chaos and always there for you in all it’s grimy/gritty/gross and goddamn gorgeous glory.

I make it clear about 15x a day, but I <3 NY. And musically, there’s nothing I <3 more than a love letter to it.

With that, I’m pumped to premiere “Sonic Lights,” the brand-new (second) single from Okay Okay!

Okay Okay is the new project from Felipe Giannella—whom I met, in true NYC-appropriate fashion, at where else but a bar—and along with the track (out everywhere tomorrow!), the artist sent over the following background of the song:

“‘Sonic Lights’ was the first song I wrote when I moved to New York City. I wanted it to transmit that feeling of finally finding the place where you belong. Your home. The place where no matter what happens, you know that in the end everything will be okay because you’re there. It’s a love letter, and it also serves as a reminder. The thing about New York is it’ll be there for you. When your feelings confuse you, and people let you down, you will still have the city.”

While the point of this post is obviously meant to highlight the track being premiered, while we’re here, I’d also like to point you in the direction of the artist’s debut single, “Youth and Decay”—another NYC-oriented track, which the artist dropped in February. Around that time, Felipe filled me in on the song over email, and at a point where I’m itching to be dancing (+ maybe crying) under a disco ball in a balloon + confetti filled room with a bunch of weirdo strangers while double-fisting (and maybe over-drafting on) gin and sodas—I feel compelled to share that explanation too:

“I wrote ‘Youth & Decay’ B.C. (before covid) and it’s mostly about the unceasing (and often melancholic) pursuit of love in the nightlife of a big city – in this case, New York. I just always wanted to write a song with a similar vibe to ‘How Soon Is Now?’ lyrically speaking, but more hopeful. This is that song for me. Also, at the time i wrote it i was going to the Mercury Lounge a lot, to those indie discos they used to have religiously. balloons on the ceiling, party lights, a panda head going around and a fairy as the DJ. That’s what comes to mind whenever I listen back to it. but hey, that’s the magic of music. It might mean something to me, but once it’s out there you don’t have any control over it and people give new meanings to it.”

Check out both songs from Okay Okay now. Then get vaxxed up // dressed up // hyped up, and I’ll see you out there—

In the city and on the dance floor.


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Feature image provided by the artist.

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