The new take on the NYC band’s tongue-in-cheek summer single is here—and now featured in the accompanying video game


There’s an episode of Seinfeld (this is how I start every sentence) in which George describes how, if there’s any doubt he hasn’t won a woman over, he’ll do a “leave-behind” and “forget” an item at her house so he has an excuse to come over–

I go back to her place to pick it up… (pop sound) date number two.”


Now, I’m not saying I’ve ~forgotten~ a scarf… a sweater… a gold hoop that omg, must’ve fallen off, how weird!!!… but I’m also not saying I haven’t. And with that, I’m going to refer you back to the most recent Colatura single, “I Don’t Belong Here”: a track written from the POV of a piece of clothing left at an ex’s place (though no word on if it was done intentionally)—the rad Sgt. Sparkle remix of which I’m very stoked to premiere here!

Along with the opp to debut the remix—and make that major stretch of a Seinfeld reference—Colatura also filled me in on the story behind the original song, as well as its unintentionally pandemic-perfect (and more hard-hitting) alt meaning:

“‘I Don’t Belong Here’ was originally written as a tongue-in-cheek song from the perspective of a sweater that had been left behind at an ex’s place. However as we started to record it, quarantine happened and we realized that it also eerily encapsulated all the feelings we were having about feeling trapped inside – how our homes started to feel stifling and like we no longer belonged there, our clothes no longer fit and how we have lost any sense of time or motivation to get out of bed (especially since most of us lost our day jobs), ‘waking up late and sleeping all day’… We are hoping the upbeat nature of the song will be a summery fun tune to brighten people’s day while quarantining!”

Rather than simply dropping a music video when the song came out back in August, Colatura opted for something more interactive, releasing a very cool 8bit video game—built by the band’s Meredith Lampe—in which the musicians try to collect their things from around the city before escaping NYC and the pandemic. The game has also been updated with the new take on “I Don’t Belong Here,” which was produced by Kuala Lumpur/Tehran space-pop artist (and friend of the band) Amir Tehrani, who makes music under the moniker Sgt Sparkle.

“Now in the video game when you ‘pick your player’ and choose Jennica as your character you get to hear the remix in the background!” the band told me over email. “The remix was also mixed by Digo and mastered by Jennica (both as a part of Tessatura Studio).”

Enjoy the remix of the song now + play the game here!

And next time you leave a house that’s not… ya know… your own, be sure to take that poor sweater ( // scarf // um, maybe gold hoop) with you.


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Feature image (provided by the band): Rick Perez.

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