Dead Tooth x No Surrender


The new electronic-rock track combines the styles of the two NYC underground artists and is “at once a protest, satire and condemnation of an Administration built on hate”


We’re bombarded by the hour with despicable words and actions from our pathetic excuse for a president—whether it’s the propaganda fired from his fingertips, the cover-ups and denials delivered by his cronies or the lies, slurs and cruelties continuously spewing from his hateful lips.

You don’t need a reminder, so I’m not going to say his name, provide examples of his evildoings or offer him any more internet real estate. Because if you’re reading this, you already know. Because if you support him, you’re not welcome here. And because when it comes to calling out the crooks, fakes and fascists with bullshit in their mouths and blood on their hands, well… artists do it so much better, anyway.

On that note, enter Dead Tooth and No Surrender.

A day ahead of the duo’s first joint release—”at once a protest, satire and condemnation of an Administration built on hate”—I’m honored to share the killer new collaborative track from two of NYC’s most notable alternative artists.

This is “I Hate the Precedent.”

I think this one speaks for itself.

Zach Ellis (of Dead Tooth, one of my current favorite NYC projects, and WIVES) and Darius VanSluytman (of No Surrender and The Infesticons, both legendary bands of the aughts Brooklyn underground) became friends after sweating, screaming and careening through the same crowds of the NYC DIY scene over the years, but this is the first time the two have teamed up. The electric track combines the artists’ individual styles, while serving up a dose of grimy New York garage rock and scorching vocals spit out in howls, snarls and sneers—the musicians’ mutual contempt for this sham of an administration coming through in both the lyrics and delivery as they speak, or sing, for all of us: “I hate the president / And the precedent that he sets…”

“I Hate the Precedent” will be followed soon by a video and another single release from the pair, and there’s a full EP in the works. In the meantime, listen, share, stay tuned—

And in November, for the love of god, VOTE. HIM. OUT.


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Feature image provided by the artists.

Song art: Kaitlin O’Connor

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