The NYC singer-songwriter’s new EP is “about the clumsy search for fulfillment as a young adult in New York City”


Does everything suck orrrr do you just need a sandwich?

That’s the eternal question, and one that, on the surface at least, NYC artist Evan Crommett addresses in his new EP Craving Compassion or Maybe Just a Baconeggandcheese—out everywhere TODAY!

While the tongue-in-cheek title is both endearing and intriguing, the record is about more than the fine line between heartsick and hangry, and over email, the artist offered us some insight into the six-track album and its exploration of young adulthood:

“Craving Compassion or Maybe Just a Baconeggandcheese is an album about the clumsy search for fulfillment as a young adult in New York City. It meditates on the ways it’s easy to confuse cravings of the body (lust, hunger) with hopes of the heart (finding true love, becoming a fully actualized version of yourself). It also dives into some of the sociological and philosophical questions about how and why we crave in these certain ways: why do we ignore the love and kindness right in front of us in favor of ‘something more?’ Why are we made to feel we should be winning the battle of romance, rather than creating mutually respectful, loving relationships? How can we make vulnerability a little bit more fashionable? Why don’t we stop being melodramatic for a second and just remember to have breakfast?”

Evan also shared his favorite place—or type of place, rather—in Brooklyn, one host to an amalgamation of memories (or sometimes, lack thereof) and a setting for the moments both magic and mundane that make up a New York life well lived:

“As a teenager, I got drunk for the first time on a Brooklyn rooftop – a classic tale!

It’s one of the few ways that I’ve lived up to the Gossip Girl-inspired expectations of glamour and independence that many of my non-NYC friends have shared with me. I want to get more specific about the location and timeframe here, but the thing is – when I really try to grab hold of the details of that night, they all start to squirm and snap and recombine. Not because it was my first fling with alcohol (although I’ll admit this was a factor); it’s because my mental reel of that night has gotten mixed in with the footage from all the other BK rooftop nights I’ve wandered through since then.

After a while, all of these rooftops start to meld together into one giant platform suspended 2-9 stories above the ground– the nights merge into a hazy compilation of July 4th, New Years, friends’ birthdays, rickety flip-cup tables, deep talks at 2 a.m., spilt beer, too-loud friends, sunsets, laughing so hard your cheeks hurt, P.D.A, people smoking cigarettes because it makes them feel like they’re in old movies, glowing cityscapes, fights over who gets to DJ, jam sessions, reprimands to society, first kisses, etc. If this feels in any way like jadedness then let me clarify: I adore this giant-endless-nighttime-rooftop. In fact, it’s my favorite place in Brooklyn.”

Ah, to be young and alive in NYC…

Oh, wait—we are. And now, even better, we’ve got a pretty great soundtrack for it.


100% of streaming proceeds from this record are being donated to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Feature image (taken from Instagram): Hannah Bailey

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