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On Juneteenth, we’re thrilled to present a brand-new vid from one of the most talented and charismatic artists we know


Normally, I wax on for several paragraphs about how much I love an artist before getting to the actual point of a premiere, but in this case… well, the art speaks for itself. (Plus, it’s no secret I’m obsessed with Olivia K… and we’ve all got protests to get to.)

So without further ado, I’m thrilled to premiere the brand-new, beautiful music video for Olivia K’s latest, “The Chain”—exclusively here on Bands do BK.

Here’s what the artist herself wanted to share about the song:

“The most boring part of the Bible is where it just tells who begat who, but during the quarantine as everyone was losing loved ones throughout New York, I read it completely new—we’re all connected! And our ancestors are with us, no matter what. In fact, we ARE our ancestors. So I wrote this song in 20 minutes and performed it for my Quarantine Love Stream. I pray that this work (shoutouts to Reddaz for producing with me) touches you.”

Mission accomplished.

Watch, enjoy and remember: In honor of Juneteenth, Bandcamp is donating 100% of its share of profits to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, meaning there’s no better time to put your money where the music is and add this song (and others) to your collection.


Follow Olivia K at @oliviakandtheparkers , buy “The Chain” (and find more of her music) on Bandcamp and add her music to your playlists on Spotify.

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