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Got beer money and nowhere to go? Invest in the future of Brooklyn’s arts & nightlife and help out the bands, establishments and industry professionals that need it most


I caught Shred Flintstone, Been Stellar and Shadow Year last Wednesday at Our Wicked Lady, and it was a fun, loud and rowdy show (the best kind). What I didn’t know at the time was that it would be the last one I’d be seeing for… well, who knows how long.

Along with the victims of the virus itself, the COVID-19 pandemic has, for lack of a better term—or, more accurately, lack of my willingness to think of one—fucked over countless people, forcing beloved bars and venues to temporarily close (a necessary, though heartbreaking, precaution) and resulting in lost jobs/income/revenue/opportunities for artists, venue owners, bartenders, bar backs, people working doors, those working sound and everyone, everywhere, in between. 

And then there are others. Some who are affected (we all are) by this insanity—but at least not in this way, or this severely. Those who are still employed and who now—without shows and bars and restaurants to throw their paychecks at—might suddenly, strangely, even have money to spare. 

As a member of the second group—one still fortunate to have a job, whose paycheck is no longer being funneled directly to concert tickets and Tecate/tequila-shot combos—I’m making a promise and a proposal. An idea that I hope will be adopted by other individuals in my boat, who currently have the resources and the ability to give a little bit back to our community in this time of crisis.

Many local establishments are currently accepting assistance to help their businesses and employees stay afloat. Some have GoFundMe campaigns, others are asking for Venmo/PayPal donations that will be distributed to their employees, and many are selling gift certificates that you can purchase now and redeem when they reopen.

So how about…

On a Thursday evening, when we would have popped into our local bar for a drink, we send over a little cash to be distributed to the staff.

On a Friday, when we would have gone to a show, we donate to the venue + buy some merch from a band we love. (Particularly this Friday, when Bandcamp is waiving fees!)

On a Saturday morning, when we would have gone out to brunch, we buy a gift certificate from a local restaurant.

On a Sunday afternoon, when we would have been hungover and perhaps Seamlessed a disgusting amount of food to our apartments… Well, we can still do that. But now we can really feel good about it.

To get started, below is a list of local music venues that are currently in need of a helping hand. (If you know of another space that should be added to the list, please let us know!) As for Brooklyn bands, bars, restaurants, etc.—we could list those all day, and they could pretty much all use our help right now. Please do what you can to support your local artists and neighborhood favorites—the ones who together make up the fabric of your Brooklyn (or Ridgewood or whatever) and are responsible for making your nights out sound and taste and feel so good.

And then, of course, spread the word.

We’re in this together, y’all. Let’s do what we can to take care of the people and places we love until we make it out of this mess.


Our Wicked LadyBuy an egiftcard. // Donate to support the venue and staff.

Market Hotel and Trans-Pecos – To support the team members, “reach out if you have need for sound engineering, child care, clean up or maintenance, or any kind of work” and Venmo money to @markethotel or @trans-pecos to be distributed directly to the staff.

The FootlightVenmo @thefootlightbar.

Pete’s Candy StoreDonate to the staff fund.

C’mon Everybody Donate to the virtual venue to compensate for lost wages and operation costs.

AlphavilleKeep an eye on their Instagram for info on gift certificates and how they will be used to compensate the staff.

Kinfolk Donate to support Kinfolk’s staff.

Friends and Lovers Buy a gift card, donate directly to staff or support their Patreon.

Elsewhere – Donate to help the Elsewhere staff.

Union Pool – Donate to the employee fund. (For a donation of $500 or more, get your name engraved in brass on a bar stool!)

Drom – Donate to staff emergency relief.

Knitting Factory – Donate to the Knitting Factory employee fund.

Baby’s All RightBuy a Baby Chain of Love (a FOREVER season pass) to go towards the Baby’s Staff Relief Fund, donate via PayPal (babysallright@gmail.com + write “Staff Relief” in the notes) and tune into BABY tv for streamed shows ($5 and above), where the proceeds will be divided amongst artists, staff and a charity.

Cafe Erzulie – Donate to the relief fund or donate via venmo at @cafeerzulie.

The Sultan Room – Buy a gift card by venmoing @Turksnyc (put “Gift card” in the subject line + DM the name and the address you’d like them to use to mail the card).

Nowadays – Support the venue on Patreon, and support the staff via Venmo

The Broadway – Donate to support the staff.

Planet X – Venmo @birdycoyoteX with “Planet X” in the subject to donate to the staff

Saint Vitus – Contribute to the Kickstarter to contribute to staff relief efforts (and get cool rewards).

Hartstop – Support the staff and community through Patreon.

Arlene’s Grocery – Buy a t-shirt, baseball tee or hoodie to support the staff.

Berlin Under A – Support Berlin Under A staff.

The Kingsland – Donate to the GoFundMe to help the venue and its staff.


Know a venue that should be added to the list? Happy to do it! Fill us in via the contact form or Instagram DM.

More resources and ways to help/be helped.: Cancel Council, a local fundraiser for artists impacted by the crisis // Sweet Relief Musicians Fund // the USBG Foundation’s COVID-19 relief campaign for bartenders // Supporting Musicians and Live Professionals During COVID-19 (She Shreds) // A State-by-State Resource Guide for Music Professionals Who Need Help During Coronavirus Crisis (Billboard). Plus! Via Nowadays’ email blast, a list of organizations that could use your support:  COVID-19 Mutual aid fund for LGBTQI+ and BIPOC FolksMake The Road New York’s COVID-19 emergency fund for low-income immigrant families and Emergency COVID relief for sex workers in New York.

Feature image: Average iPhone shot of V0ID B0YS at an excellent show at Trans-Pecos last month…nor the month before… who even knows anymore.

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