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The Brooklyn-based trio’s newest—the third single from the upcoming album Khwab—is a sweet and slow love song written in Hindi


Once again, on behalf of Bands do BK, I’m stoked to premiere a video from our friends Minaxi—

One that that this time (alas!), I did not consume with a side of garlic bread.

Arriving to you via the internet (and just in time for Valentine’s Day) is the crimson-soaked, blue-birded video for “Ishq,” a love song from the band’s upcoming album Khwab.

Slow, short and sweet, with lyrics written in Hindi and footage shot in Mumbai, India—where Minaxi’s Shrenik Ganatra spent the first 23 years of his life, before moving to the States to study design in 2015—the song and video are distinctly different from “Stargazer,” the first single from Khwab, revealing the range we might expect when it drops March 13th.

“It felt right to let the words be in Hindi and have the emotion drive the song, beyond words and structure,” Shrenik told us of “Ishq” over email. “It occupies an interesting position in Khwab because it is sandwiched between two songs that are saturated with a wall of fuzz-driven guitars. In a way, it’s a delicate segue into the final chapter of the album.”

Minaxi formed in 2018—after Shrenik had made the move to NYC—and currently consists of him on guitar (his “weapon of choice”) and vocals, Liam Christian on bass and Steve Carlin on drums. All of Minaxi’s music has been recorded and co–produced by Shrenik’s “friend, mentor and brother,” Patrick Hunt.

“We have been working together for nearly half a decade,” Shrenik writes of Patrick. “We’re at a point in our working relationship where we just get each other. We’re laconic when it comes to communicating verbally so there’s a lot of tacit understanding between us.”

Check out the video (above!) and the lyrics with translation (below!) and treat this song as a digital valentine you should send to everyone you know—

We’ll take music over flowers any day.



एक ख्वाब है
जो इस तरह
उसकी आँखों
के काजल में 
है छुपा

की देखू मैं 
घर मेरा 

नैनों में है बसा
मेरा जहाँ

इश्क़ है
इश्क़ है
इश्क़ है
इश्क़ है

इश्क़ है
इश्क़ है
इश्क़ है
इश्क़ है

English Translation

there is a dream
that so hides 
in the kohl around 
her eyes

that i see
my home

in these eyes 

I see my

in love
in love
in love
i’m in 

in love
in love
in love
i’m in love

with you


Minaxi is Shrenik Ganatra, Steve Carlin and Liam Christian. Follow the trio on Instagram at @minaxitheband, stream their music on all services here and pre-order Khwab now!

Want more Minaxi? Check out the most recent single, “Ae Khuda,” also in Hindi, which recently premiered on Rolling Stone India.

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