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The musician talks songwriting, Brooklyn’s best guitar shop and spending time on Sapphire Island—plus, performs live!


Scott Martin is a man of many musical trades (and 30+ guitars), but the one we’re most interested in is one of his most recent: the personal project, under his own name, for which he started releasing music in 2018.

On the fifth episode of Bands do BK, the New York native—and 10(+)-year Brooklynite—shares songs, stories and his favorite spots in Brooklyn, plus serves up an excellent performance of his unreleased song, “Jet Black Heart.”

We do want to note that there are a couple slight technical issues in the beginning of the episode. We’re still learning, after all… and there may or may not have been some tequila (in bodega coffee cups) involved.

That being said, we DO get our shit together and resolve the funky echo issue ~minute 17. But we still recommend listening to the first 17 minutes and just ignoring it. After all, Scott is a man of many, many good stories and, trust us, you won’t want to miss even one.

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