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Sid and Stan Simons of music collective GIRL SKIN — named after, Sid says, “the most beautiful thing I could think of” — share their favorite Brooklyn spots for skateboarding, making music and more


Sid’s Bedroom Studio 

SID: (on his upcoming album) I wanted to do something that was very stripped down and not overproduced… because everything’s so overproduced these days, you know. I wanted it to feel like you’re listening to it in a bedroom. Because it was recorded in a bedroom.

It’s not the most ideal place — I got a cat running around half the time while I’m playing drums and stuff.

STAN: He’s got it decked out. 

SID: I mean, I find shit off the street. I found an organ — it was on the side of the road. Some church threw it out. It was so heavy. We dragged it back and didn’t know if it worked, and it works perfectly. Probably bed bug-ridden, but…

Cooper Skate Park

STAN: I spend a lot of time there. It’s also connected to a nice park and there are a lot of good food places right next to it, so it’s a nice spot to hang out and skateboard. 

Cooper Park Sharon Street & Olive St,

Note Thai

SID: Love that spot. In Australia, we had this one dish called Pad Gra Prow. I’ve never seen that dish at any other Thai place in New York, and this place has that dish.

279 Bushwick Ave, (718) 381-2889,

Monument Skate Spot

SID: (in exaggerated Australian accent) It’s the meet-up spot — ya hang out with ya homies, ya skate, ya drink a beer.

STAN: If you like skateboarding, it’s very accessible to the city as well. Also, this area is good. It’s just a fun spot.

SID: I like it because it’s mellow. It’s not an actual skate spot. Not everyone knows about it. You can just hang out and cruise around. 

Roebling St and S 4th St


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Feature image: Sam Sumpter

[This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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