Jeremy Neale at Dweebs, a coffeeshop in Bushwick


Australian artist Jeremy Neale shares his favorite spots in Bushwick for entertainment, caffeine fixes and really big beers



“I’m a creature of habit, so my first order of business in any new place is to find a cafe where I can feel at home. If you’re here in this town on your own and from a strange land, it can get lonely, but it’s nice to be around other people working independently. Together, alone, y’know? Anyways, I’ve been putting in the hard yards to endear myself to the baristas, but yesterday I knocked over a potted plant so I’m probably starting back at square one. Great place, great vibe. An ideal spot to stare at your to-do list and occasionally cross things off it.”

1434 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, (347) 413-5272,

Syndicated Bar Theater Kitchen

I was introduced to this place by a friend who took me here during the World Cup but they also show classic movies. Like tonight they’re playing ‘Jurassic Park’ at midnight. By the time you read this I guess it’ll be a different film. The entrance is very unassuming but once you’re inside it’s a whole new world of big screens and even bigger* beers. 

*The beers are not bigger than the screens. 

40 Bogart St, Brooklyn, (718) 386-3399,

Molasses Books 

You gotta have a second cafe on rotation cos sometimes you’ll accidentally knock over a plant at Dweebs and have to lay low for a few days. “My secret shame is that I don’t read books, but nobody has to know that, and, as the great Zoolander, once said “Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don’t play their game!” But also, great selection of pre-loved books if you do read, friendly staff and they’re also a bar, which is very helpful for all those times when you go too far up caffeine mountain. (Every. Single. Day.”

770 Hart St, Brooklyn,

Maria Hernandez Park

Maybe you can’t sit and work at Dweebs on this particular day. Maybe it’s sunny and you’ve opted instead for a takeaway cold brew from Molasses Books and you wanna be amongst nature. I get that. I’m a real nature guy. This park has it all. Trees? Check. Music? Sometimes. People skateboarding? 40% of the time. Sunshine? That’s entirely dependent on the weather, but I found an app on my phone that will attempt to let you know if it’s gonna be sunny, cloudy or rainy. DM me for more info.

Knickerbocker Ave & Starr St, Brooklyn, (212) 639-9675,


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Feature image: Ben Curry

]This interview has been edited and condensed.]

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