The new single from the Brooklyn band is a ode to the in-between—”a necessary rest stop on the way to ~wonder~”


We’ve all heard of (and surely experienced) the feeling that “the grass is greener” but there’s also a less talked-about, and perhaps even more uncomfortable, concept: That our grass was greener.

In other words: the wondering, and the worrying, that what you’ve left behind might be better than where you are now. A cool emotional cocktail that might be composed of a combination of nostalgia, regret or fear—and certainly uncertainty. Discomfort arising from an exit without a clear destination, being in the space between A and B, the leaving of a person or a place that, if not right, at least felt familiar. The limbo that defines the in-between of our lives.

Like most other human experiences, this is a state overwhelmingly open to interpretation and dependent on perspective, and with their new single, Climates explores it from a place of patience, opting not to look back at the past or focus on the future but to embrace the energy of the unknown and recognize it as a valid, and even necessary, place of its own.

Ahead of its official release, this is the exclusive premiere of “Nowhere Town.”

I could be the one  / But it’s just for fun  / Ever what we leave behind / For nothing at all

This is Climates’ first release since their 2022 album Movie Magic (the first single from which—”Super 8″—premiered on Bands do BK in 2020), and glitter grunge continues to be the most perfectly coined description of the band’s sound, as exemplified on this track by frontwoman Theadora Curtis’s voice—ethereal with an edge—floating atop instrumentals that evoke the rush of speeding down dark city streets at 1 a.m.

Along with the early drop, Theadora sent over some thoughts on the song and the state and sensation that “Nowhere Town” encapsulates, an explanation that suggests a true sense of acceptance and hints at the grace with which the artist might be grappling with changes in her own life.

“When I wrote ‘Nowhere Town’ I thought it was about a place. I actually think anywhere can feel like Nowhere Town in the space between everything you had and everything you’re looking for. Nowhere Town is looking over your shoulder at how shiny and comforting – and maybe great – what you left behind at a certain juncture is. People can probably relate to that feeling in many different lanes, the excitement of the change and the terror of the immediate aftermath. But as someone who typically supports jumping into the abyss, I think Nowhere Town can become Just the Place Town with patience and *faith*. It is therapeutic and fun to get songs out of moments of uncertainty, and to make feeling states physical places. We’ve all spent time in Nowhere Town; I wasn’t sure it was a great place but now I think that at its worst it’s a gentle-ish redirection and at its best, a necessary rest stop on the way to ~wonder~.”

“Nowhere Town” is available for listening above and will be streaming everywhere soon! In the meantime, hear it live from the Brooklyn band TONIGHT at the Bands do BK — THE BOOK — Birthday Bash at The Broadway with Climates, Sharkswimmer, MamajoeVramajoe and Extra Special. Grab your tickets here.


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Feature image provided by the band.

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