The NYC alt-rock duo is harnessing feelings of helplessness in the face of catastrophe to take aim at the climate crisis


Yesterday, as New Yorkers were busy swimming through the tangerine-hued smoke soup… as masks came back out, outdoor events were cancelled and we were first made aware of the existence of an ~air quality index~ … when we once again felt that all-too-familiar cocktail of emotions comprised of mesmerized, horrified and certainly uncertain … Locations dropped their new single. And those specific atmospheric circumstances, while far from ideal in a general sense, honestly couldn’t have been more fitting for the story behind the song—and the message that, with this specific release, the band is trying to get across.

Written over FaceTime during the early days of the pandemic, “Better Days” aims to explore the feelings we were all grappling with at this time: what the band describes as “loneliness, depression, isolation and”—here’s where the deja vu comes in—”feeling of helplessness in the face of a catastrophic worldwide event.”

That said, the intention of this piece is not to serve as a soundtrack in which to wallow. With this release, Locations is harnessing those very feelings of helplessness into a catalyst for change and a call action by taking aim at the climate crisis. Specifically, by kicking off their “No New Oil Tour” tour in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion NYC, a group engaging in non-violent civil disobedience with the aim to have the government face, and fight, climate change.

With this tour, Locations is encouraging people to take to the streets with XR to “demand the US government and the ‘big four’ banks put an end to all new fossil fuel projects.” And from June 20th-24th, they’ll be hosting events to meet, engage with and help individuals interested in participating in the climate movement get involved.

“The window for climate action is rapidly closing,” the band says. “To limit global warming to 1.5°C (2.7 °F) and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, an immediate halt to new fossil fuel projects is imperative. The consequences are dire, with over 1 billion people at risk of displacement within the next 30 years. No action being taken threatens the collapse of our vital security pillars, including food and water resources, exacerbated conflicts, and destabilized economies… We must mobilize massive, disruptive, nonviolent actions NOW. Whether you have an hour, an afternoon, or even just a few minutes. We have ways that you can help, and we need everyone in this fight. Join us!”

For the record, this isn’t the first time Locations has used music as a tool with which to spread awareness. The band pairs each release with a different issue they care about—and a corresponding action their audience can take—and in the past have teamed up with organizations such as Represent Us (anti-corruption) and The Campaign for NY Health (universal healthcare).

Celebrate the new Locations song—and learn how you can help fight the climate catastrophe—THIS FRIDAY at the band’s single-release show at Alphaville with O.Wake, Dogs on Shady Lane and Lily Mao. (Grab your tickets here.)

If the air quality hasn’t improved by then, just consider the dress code to be ~apocalypse-core~.

We’re sure you’ve got something to wear for that…


Feature image provided by the band: Jeanette D. Moses

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