The EP from the Brooklyn folk-pop-rock trio is “both a testament to standing your ground and knowing when it’s time to move on”


It’s surely no coincidence that the words band and bond are so close together. Or that the phrase band together exists, an expression that means to come together as a group to achieve something. Because as a band, Camp Bedford has recently done just that. Their debut EP So Often and So Sweet is a creation that’s clearly a product of collaboration, an artistic accomplishment that’s evidence of not just individual talent, but mutual understanding and collective chemistry.

While the ideas explored on the three-track EP from Brooklyn folk-pop-rock trio are all linked to innately personal experiences—themes of pining, empowerment and the good ol’ fashioned feeling that is being really pissed off post-breakup—the emotions are also universal, and the approach with which the artists conquer these concepts is collective. It’s a united effort that comes across sonically in the form of impeccable, hard-hitting harmonies. And though, linguistically, they write in the singular—utilizing you and me and I in the lyrics—there are multiple voices speaking, or singing, as one, communicating the idea that while you might be going through something good or bad, you’re never, ever alone.

That’s what friendship is all about after all, isn’t it? And that’s precisely what this band is based on.

Roxanne Quilty (guitar + vox) and Tallen Gabriel (cello) of the group had been playing together in projects for five years, building their trust and perfecting their process, before the universe delightfully delivered and they met Mariela Flor Olivo (lead rhythm guitar + vox) at an open mic. The result: Camp Bedford, a group of three very, extremely talented friends, established 2022.

After releasing “Jupiter” and “2 AM” as singles, So Often and So Sweet dropped on March 31st, and the band sent over the following description of the album:

So Often and So Sweet‘ honors the huge, messy, all-consuming emotions that are often easier to turn away from or shove in a box under the bed than face head on. It is both a testament to standing your ground and knowing when it’s time to move on.”

They also sent over thoughts on each of the record’s three songs, which cover topics ranging from pain rooted in the past to the embrace of one’s power in the present—and, by proxy, the foundation for a more exciting, and fulfilling, version of the future that this realization and acceptance automatically lays.



“A rousing angsty anthem, ‘2AM’ captures the post-breakup frustration and anger of watching your former partner give someone else the time and energy you wished they would have been able to give you. Even if it’s not logical and both parties grow and expand into new versions of themselves after a breakup, we wanted to honor the gnawing hurt that comes in initially watching an ex be ‘better’ to someone else than they were to you.”


“‘Jupiter’ is about recognizing the parts of yourself that no longer serve you and setting them on fire. Written like a spell or incantation, this track’s ethereal elements and driving energy capture the experience of surrendering to your own power.”


“‘Tonight’ is a nostalgic ballad about pining for the ‘one that got away.’ It encapsulates the feeling of longing for a younger, more naive version of love—even, and especially, as our adult selves understand that it’s not what we need anymore.”

There’s nothing better than watching people do what they do best—except, perhaps, when they’re doing it together. Catch Camp Bedford take the stage at Brooklyn Made on May 25th. Grab your tickets here.


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Feature image (provided by the band): Yekaterina Gyadu

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