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Taylor Hughes of sad-pop trio EXNATIONS talks John Hughes movies, bandmate bonding at Rough Trade and finding the little bit of light in everything,


The eighth episode of Bands do BK on Radio Free Brooklyn (air date: 1/23/19) features Taylor Hughes—drummer and 1/3 of sad-pop trio EXNATIONS—who crossed two rivers in her athleisure to join us in the studio and talk music, movies and the band’s fave spots in Brooklyn.

Listen now to hear us discuss John Hughes’ hits (Sixteen Candles and, just as importantly, Flubber), legendary pizza, Park Slope’s top ramen spot and bandmate bonding at—where else?—the record store.

We also play the newest single from EXNATIONS, plus tracks from their 2019 EP Pink Haze and songs from a selection of local artists that they’ve played with and love.

Listen to the episode on Radio Free Brooklyn or Spotify now!


EXNATIONS’ latest single—”11:59″—is out now Listen on Spotify, keep up with the band on Instagram at @exnations and find all things EXNATIONS at exnations.com.

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Feature image (provided by the band): Adele Sakey 

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