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Cody Fitzgerald talks secret omakase, Christmas collaboration and the tour de food he may (or may not) be leading in Crown Heights


We certainly haven’t been shy about how much we love A Reminder, the breathtaking (in the real-not-Seinfeld, way) album from Stolen Jars, and we’ve been working on working out an interview with Cody Fitzgerald, the creator of the project, for months.

Finally, the scheduling gods smiled upon us, and we were stoked to have Cody as the guest of honor on the third episode of our audio endeavor, Bands do BK on RBK.

On an appropriately freezing Thursday night in December, over IPAs sourced from a market on Bogart, the Crown Heights resident discussed Stolen Jars’ new album, their live show and why his real goal is to make the audience cry. He also, of course, shared his favorite Crown Heights haunts– a list featuring a go-to bar for birthday parties and first dates, a killer Caribbean joint and an omakase special for those in the know–and we played songs from A Reminder and a couple by local(ish) artists Cody loves.

The episode is up and ready NOW for listening and loving on Radio Free Brooklyn and Spotify.

Check it out, and be sure to tune in every Thursday at 11 pm at (or via the RFB app!) to hear Brooklyn artists discuss the local places and music they love.


Follow Stolen Jars @stojomusic and keep up with it all at Plus! Friendly reminder that ‘A Reminder’ is out now. Check it out!

And don’t miss the band on January 24th at Our Wicked Lady and February 7th at the Loose Buttons album release show at The Dance!

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